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Historic Downtown Big Bay

Prior to being settled, Big Bay was a location used for trade between the French and Native Americans.

Home to Brinswick Bowling Pins, this small community is currently home to less than 500 permanent residents. One famous resident was Henry Ford. Big Bay was full of hardwoods, and Ford brought his auto plant to the area to take advantage of the wood for paneling in his vehicles. The Thunder Bay Inn was constructed for Henry and his buddies.

The Thunder Bay Inn later became the claim-to-fame for Big Bay as the filming location for Anatomy of a Murder. The filming took place inside the inn and was based on a murder that took place at the local Lumberjack Tavern. Many lumberjack companies, including Henry Fords Mills, operated in Big Bay.

The Huron Mountain Club was founded in 1889. This private club is located west of Big Bay and encompasses 7,000 acres.

Until 1904 the only way to reach Big Bay was by water, until the road was built connecting the town to Marquette. The following year a railroad line was established to haul passengers, freight, and lumber.

Lumberjack Tavern

This tavern was the site of a 1952 murder that took place right here in Big Bay. A must see for all visitors.

Crams General Store

Located on County Road 550 in Big Bay, you will find a friendly and family owned grocery and hardware store.

Presbyterian Church

Sunday service begins at 10:30, and the congregation welcomes you to join them in worship at 300 Bensinger Street in downtown Big Bay.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Enjoy services at 5:00 pm on Saturdays and 10:30 am on Sundays at 305 Bensinger Street.

Hungry Hollow Cafe

Stop by and enjoy a home cooked breakfast or a famous Yooper pasty. Homemade soups and lunch specials are served as well.

Thunder Bay Inn

You must eat at and experience the setting used for the famous movie Anatomy of a Murder, starring James Stewart.